ECS Registered

Electrician status


How can I sign up the eligible members of my team?

Applications for ECS cards are carried out in the normal way. However, before the application can be completed, the cardholder will need to sign into their MyECS account to accept the Registered Electrician terms and conditions. This includes their confirmation to become and remain fully up to date with technical developments with the industry and maintain a qualification on the latest edition of BS7671.

Where a contract shows that the client will use ECS Check, employers can use the ECS Employer Portal to review and allocate the most appropriate staff to a particular project, based on the client specification.

Real time information from site access and audits will then be available to clients and main contractors via ECS Check, allowing them to review site personnel.

Do you employ ECS cardholders?

The ECS Registered Electrician allows you to demonstrate to clients that your electrical staff are, and are prepared to remain, up-to-date with the latest industry technology developments and the BS7671 Wiring Regulations.

If you use the ECS Employer Portal, you’ll find the new status is displayed in the staff record as soon as the Registered Electrician status is awarded.

Want to find out more?

The ECS Registered Electrician is now available for sign up via the cardholder’s MyECS account. ECS Check for clients and main contractors will be launching later this year. Watch this space for more information…