Why are you doing this?

For many years there has been criticism that the ECS card is an ‘evergreen’ card, since an electrician can apply to the scheme then simply renew their card every three years by paying the fee and passing the Health & Safety Assessment – without any need or obligation to demonstrate they are keeping up to date with changes to the Wiring Regulations, Continuing Professional Development or other industry standards.

We have introduced the Registered Electrician status to recognise and encourage those electricians who are not only be qualified to NVQ Level 3, but also the current edition of BS7671. With both these elements in place, electricians can be at the top of their game in terms of their professionalism and skills.

Do I have to take part?
This is a voluntary scheme – you are certainly not obliged to become a Registered Electrician. The existing gold card structure will remain in place if you do not wish to take part. But we hope that you see the benefits of becoming an ECS Registered Electrician and want to take advantage of it.
How does Registered Electrician fit in with the existing Competent Persons Schemes?
It’s complementary to existing Approved Contractor and Competent Person Schemes, which certify the quality of a company that undertakes electrical installations.  The ECS Registered Electrician is a demonstration that the individual’s qualifications are up to date and at the standard expected. We liken this to two side of the same coin, with the Approved Contractor scheme certifying the company and the ECS scheme for the individual.
How much does it cost?

There is no ongoing subscription fee to become a Registered Electrician and add this status to an existing card. Once you sign up you’ll be able to download a virtual card (via a smartphone) showing your Registered status – at no cost.

A printed card, similar to your existing ECS card but showing your Registered Electrician status, will be available at a discounted price of £10 plus VAT if you would like one.

The standard fees for card renewal, replacement and initial card application still apply.

I’m a gold cardholder but don’t have the 17th edition – can I become a Registered Electrician?
To become a Registered Electrician you must hold the latest edition of BS7671. You will be able to make your application to become a Registered Electrician once you have passed a formal JIB-recognised industry BS7671 qualification.
I’m not a gold cardholder – how can I become a Registered Electrician?

To become a Registered Electrician you must first meet the full qualification requirements for either an Installation or Maintenance Electrician ECS card. You will then also need to hold a formal JIB recognised qualification for BS7671.

Full details of the Installation or Maintenance Electrician occupational requirements can be found in the Card types section of the ECS card website.

If I do not have the latest edition of BS7671 can I renew my ECS card?

You must keep your BS7671 qualification up-to-date to keep your status as a Registered Electrician.

If you do not have the current BS7671 qualification when your card is due for renewal, you will lose your Registered Electrician status.

You will have the option to renew your ECS card without the Registered Electrician status, and then apply for a replacement card once you have your up-to-date BS7671 qualification.

I already hold a gold card, how do I apply to be a Registered Electrician?

If you already hold a current ECS gold card as either an Installation or Maintenance Electrician and hold a formal JIB recognised qualification on BS7671, you can logon to MyECS and follow the links to add the Registered Electrician status to your existing record.

If your ECS Installation or Maintenance Electrician gold card has expired, you will need to meet all the normal renewal requirements and hold a formal JIB recognised qualification on BS7671. You will be given the opportunity to include the Registered Electrician status during the renewal application process.

Sign up for Registered Electrician is not yet available if you have a QS card from the ECA or NICEIC.

Do I get a new card once I have applied to be a Registered Electrician?

Once you have met all the requirements to be recognised as a Registered Electrician, your online MyECS account will be automatically updated and your new card will be visible in MyECS and the Employer Portal.

You can view an electronic version of your card in the MyECS app. The app is available for android and Apple phones; Windows phone users will be able to log into their MyECS account using a web browser.

Clients that are using ECSCheck can also view your electronic ECS card, if your employer has allocated you to a particular contract.

If you would like a physical ECS card showing your Registered Electrician status, you can order one at the time you sign up. This is only available as a one-off opportunity at initial registration for existing card holders and will cost a special discounted rate of £12 (£10 +VAT).

What is ECSCheck?

ECS Check is a new system that allows main contractors and clients to verify the skills and qualifications of electrical personnel working on projects.

They will only be able to see an electronic image of the front and back of your ECS card.

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